Awaken Women International

About Awaken Women International™

Olakunbi Korostensky ND, Founder of Awaken Women International“Attaining Feminine Excellence In Your Life & Business Through Sound Spirituality.”

Awaken Women International™ is an online and offline community providing women of all ages with effective tools and possibilities to expand their scope and live a conscious, abundant life while fully embracing their spirituality as a natural way of being.

The community is brought to life out of clear recognition that today more than ever before, women require support in finding their path and direction in life and tapping into their innate gifts. So that they can first connect with their own inner guidance and in time, become a beacon of guidance to others.

“Every Woman can connect with the source of knowledge. She only requires to trust herself to lift the veil shrouding her abilitiy to fully perceive intuitively.”It is my conviction that women have been endowed with very strong intuition as a special gift for a purpose. We have not been placed on this earth to simply survive or to suffer. We are here to live life to the full, to be happy and prosper. We can attain this happiness by fully developing and applying our inborn power through living within the Laws in Creation. For the Laws in Creation are there to guide and support our development.

Over the years, I have come to appreciate that there is no situation so hopeless, no problem so overwhelming, no challenge so gigantic that you couldn't overcome it with the right perspective, right mindset and strong alignment with your inner guidance.

The essence of a woman's existence is to hold herself to the purest aspiration and volition as possible.

Our community, Awaken Women International, is here to remind women that they don't have to go it alone in their search for direction, achieving sustainable success and inner peace. The community is also there to support women to fully understand the Spiritual Laws and learn to live within them for clear awareness and effortless being.

-- Kunbi Korostensky ND, Founder